Professional Cleaners Favorite Cleaning Supplies.

Here are a few of our favorite tools and supplies we use on our own homes.

Gray Duster - From spider webs in the corner, to dust on the ceiling fan, this duster does it all. No little feather’s left behind and enough strength to get pesky clumps off the wall. This little duster is also a great way to pick up hard to reach pet hair. This is a favorite among professional cleaners.

Bar Keepers Friend - What can this cleaner not do? From rust and mineral deposits to soap scum, lime and calcium, this cleaner will make those nasty sports sparkle again. Even baked-on residue is remedied with Bar Keepers friend. It really is a miracle in a bottle.

White Vinegar - This non-toxic all purpose cleaner is a favorite with our head trainer. She uses it along with a clean microfiber cloth to polish stainless steel appliances and bring them back to their original beauty.

Stainless Steel Scraper - Ever have to use your fingernails to try and get crusty, dried on messes off your countertop? Save your manicure and use a scraper. Little effort yields great results, but make sure to watch your strength. This mighty tool has the potential to scratch surfaces if too much pressure is applied.

Pumice Stone - The secret to getting rid of hard water stains off your toilet bowl is with a pumice stone. This little miracle can rub those stains right off, just watch your finish.

Simple Green Floor Cleaner - Eco friendly and unmatched cleaning, this floor cleaner is the way to go. It comes either in a spray bottle or if you have a more heavy duty cleaning, you can get it in an industrial size.

Mopping Tool - Speaking of floor cleaning, this mop head is the only one we use. Best part, when you’re done, pull it off and toss it in the laundry for an eco friendly solution. No adding to a landfill.

While this in no means should be your total cleaning kit, it is a great place to start. Make your cleaning tasks easier and less time consuming with these affordable options.