Ten Tips to Ensure You are Hiring the Right Cleaning Company

There are lots of cleaning companies near me, but how do I know how to choose a cleaning service? Here’s some guidance and a few questions to ask.

1. First, check out the reviews. Whether on Google, Yelp or Facebook, reviews can give you a glimpse into how a cleaning service runs their operations and whether clients were happy with their services. You may also get recommendations from family and friends. Always go with a reputable cleaning company.

2. Are the are the house cleaners, or as some still remember them, maids, employees of the company or are they contracted out? Employees will have a vested interest in keep their customers happy.

3. Does the home cleaning company do background checks on their staff that will be in your home?

4. Is the cleaning business bonded, insured and do their technicians have workers comp?

5. Are the cleaning services offered by the company services you need? Do you need a deep cleaning or just a few chores done? How about laundry, dishes and windows? What is included in their cleaning packages? Does the home cleaning service offer bi weekly cleanings or carpet cleaning?

6. Are cleaning products included or do you have to provide your own? If they are provided, are they eco-friendly or organic? Will the techs use your cleaning supplies if you prefer?

7. How long has the cleaning company been in business? Sometimes new businesses are still trying to figure out their own process so it’s good to have a cleaning service that is efficient.

8. Can they give you a quote over the phone or on their website? House cleaning services should be able to gather some information from you to give you an estimate either over the phone or on their website. It’s important to have a ballpark figure of what your job should cost.

9. What’s the cancellation policy? Some companies don’t have a cancellation fee, but many do charge a fee if the job is cancelled within 24-48 hours.

10. What is the policy on ensuring your happiness with the service? It’s important that you are satisfied with your cleaning, but if you aren’t what will the company do to make it right?

All in all, the best answer is to go with your gut. The technicians will be cleaning your home, so you should feel comfortable about your decision. Peace of mind is key.