Top 10 Forgotten Places to Clean

Kitchen counters, bathroom, sweep the floor. Of course, that's part of your regular cleaning routine whenever you are doing a home cleaning. But what places and items that are easy to forget? Whether its a winter clean, spring clean or your just in the mood to get things sparkling , we've got a list of ten places to start and a few cleaning supply suggestions along the way.

  1. Couch. Take off those couch cushions and give them a good once over with the vacuum. If you are feeling in the mood, you may even think of giving your couch cushions a once over with a fabric shaver and lint remover if you have a fabric couch.
  2. Behind the refrigerator. Scoot your refrigerator out and you will be astonished by the gunk collecting on the floor. Give it a good scrub. You can also use a tool to clean the lint from the condenser coil.
  3. Inside the refrigerator. Pull all the contents from the refrigerator and set them on the counter. Use your preferred cleaner, sponge and a damp cloth. Use those muscles and give everything a good cleaning. If your shelves come out, it may be easier to clean them in the sink. When your refrigerator is sparkling clean, organize small bottles, pouches, soda and even fruit in refrigerator organizers for a fantastic finish.
  4. Dryer vent. Sure, you take out the lint every time you throw in the clothes to dry, but how often do you do a deep clean on the dryer vent? You can use your trusty tool from the refrigerator and pull out deep seated lint that has been hiding since the beginning of time! Plus, lint is a fire safety! Get that stuff out of there!
  5. Inside the oven. Every time you open your oven, you see the grease, the spills, the crusty bits that were too hot to clean at the time, but once cooled off, you've forgotten all about them. Spray a good oven cleaner, let it sit for an hour and come back to wipe off. Once your oven is sparkling, follow up with a oven mat to lessen your cleaning task next time.
  6. Air filters and vents. Its always recommended to change your air filter on a regular basis. This helps allergens to stay out of your home as well as keep you unit running in tip top shape. The air vents through out your home however, are easy to forget. Get a good duster, and walk around your home to find the wall vents and give them a firm wipe. You'll be surprised how much dust is collected. Bonus points if you take them off the wall and give them a good soak. Once dried, you can reattach them and know you're living with cleaner air.
  7. Ceiling fan blades. While you have your duster out, go ahead and wipe the top and sides of your ceiling fan blades. Make sure the fan is off! Dust and dirt collects on ceiling fans like crazy, but you rarely see it! While your at it, give all your light fixtures a good dusting. You'll definitely need to sweep after!
  8. Dishwasher. Did you even know your dishwasher had a trap? Most do! You'll need to look up your model to find out where yours is located and how to open it. You may also take a pipe cleaner to clean out the spray holes on the arms. Lastly, run a cleaning cycle with a dishwasher cleaner. A trick here is to run hot water at your kitchen sink as you start the load for your dishwasher. This gets the hot water to the dishwasher faster. Once cleaned out, that funky smell should go away and you'll find your dishes are cleaner.
  9. Blinds. Still have your handy duster? Perfect! Its time to give the blinds a good once over. Blinds gather dust and are prone to showing it because the sun shines right on them. Just give a good run down with your duster. If your blinds need even more cleaning, microfiber cloths may help you get the stubborn dirt off. You'll wish you had done it sooner!
  10. Trash can. If no one wants to touch the trash can, its time to clean it out. You may want to do this one outside. Take out the trash bag and give the inside a good spraying of water. Once drained, use soapy water to give the inside a good cleaning. Spray the outside with the cleaner of your choice. Use scented trash bags for an extra boost.

We hope this helped with your cleaning checklist! Now put on some music and have a good time making your home fresh and clean!