Holiday Cleaning Schedule

Its that time of year again, when your mother in law maybe coming over for the holidays and you want to impress her with your very clean and tidy home. It's always a good idea to know how to clean for a holiday, especially if family members are coming over. Here is a three day schedule that will get your ready for guests.

Three Days Before

  1. Make room in coat closet. Guests need a designated place to hang their coats. If your coat closet is right by the door, it will be easy for them to hang as they step in. Best practice is to empty the coat closet, but pairing down also works too.

  1. Wash any rarely used dishes or serving utensils. Those special dishes you were given by Aunt Mabel at your wedding, this is the perfect time to use them! They have probably collected dust all year, so it’s time to give them a good handwashing. Silver utensils may have oxidized and may need to be polished. Perfect job for young helpers too!

  1. Walk through any room guests will be in and declutter. When you pick up piles of papers, clothes or anything that doesn’t belong where it currently is, you’ve already fought half the battle. Clearing up clutter helps a room appear cleaner, even when you haven’t cleaned anything! Another great job for young helpers.

  1. Clean windows in rooms your guests may be in. You may not notice the smudges and water spots on the windows, but guests will. Use a good glass cleaner like

  1. Sprayaway

  1. to get a streak free shine.

  1. Dust fan blades in gathering rooms - You don’t realize how dusty fan blades get until you get on that step ladder or break out your duster and start cleaning. It’s important that you do this before you sweep. There’s going to be a lot of dust bunnies floating down!

  1. Sweep, vacuum, and mop the main room floors. That dog hair that has accumulated in the corners and under the couch have met their last day. Move that couch and sweep/vacuum.  

  1. Clean doors and light switches. These are the most touched areas of the house and get dirty quickly. Spray a towel with a cleaner/disinfectant and wipe off all smudges and dirt.

  1. Clean TV screens. Your TV may be entertaining all day, so make sure the screen is crystal clear.

  1. Vacuum under couch cushions. If you have kids, pets, or just lose your chips during the big game, pull off those couch cushions and give your sofa a good vacuum. When a guest drops the remote in the couch, you won’t have to hide in shame when they stick their hand in between the cushions to retrieve it.

Two Days Before

  1. Clean out the refrigerator. There are going to be a lot of people reaching into your refrigerator and you are going to want to have plenty of space to store leftovers. Pull everything out, throw away expired items and give your refrigerator a good scrubbing.

  1. Clean oven, stovetop and exhaust fan. - If your stove has a self-clean function, use it. Otherwise, grab your favorite oven cleaner, spray it and let it sit for an hour. While its penetrating the baked on food from holidays past, get to scrubbing your stove and exhaust fan There may be some hard-to-get-rid of grease, so use a good degreaser. Once your stove top and exhaust fan are sparking, get to work on that oven.

  1. Give the kitchen cabinets a good wipe down. Kitchen cabinets easily become messy from flour covered fingers while you are making those pies! Don't forget down low where little fingers can leave messes too!

  1. Clean your drain using a drain opener and a drain deodorizer.

One Day Before

  1. Deep clean guest bathrooms, making sure to stock extra supplies and hang fresh towels. Nothing worse than needing a towel or feminine item at someone else’s home and not knowing where to look. Take the guesswork out of it and make it easy for your guests by putting these items in an easily findable place.

  1. Wash and iron any tablecloths and/or napkins. Do you only break out tablecloths and/or fabric napkins for special occasions? You may need to throw them in the washing machine and give them a good ironing.

  1. Wipe down your dining room table. Dinner should be served on a clean table. Give your table a good cleaning. Great job for little helpers!

  1. Get out your table settings and centerpiece. Doing this the day before gives you time to inspect and make any changes.

There you go! Clean and ready for the festivities.