Do you have high-achiever energy and a Spartan Work Ethic? Apply now to earn up to $850 a week!

When you make sure your Service Provider Team is happy, they tend to do excellent work. When clients are consistently provided excellent cleaning services, they tend to leave 5-star reviews. When people see 5-star reviews, they tend to hit subscribe. It's a good problem to have.

To accommodate our high demand for subscription cleaning services, we need to grow our team with high-performing and dedicated cleaning Spartans- like, immediately!

Top Performers
Earn Top Pay

Be the best at what you do and get paid the best. Tidyuppie top pay of $24/hr is offered to all Cleaners who meet our weekly productivity benchmarks after they complete training. That's $10 more per hour compared to the Cleaning industry Average!

Top qualities of  Spartan Cleaners

If you are diligent, conscientious, positive, known for your achiever mindset and at least some relevant professional experience- you would be an immediate asset to our team. We are especially looking to hire someone as special as you! Below are a few expectations we have for our Spartan Cleaners.

Job Knowledge/Technical Skills

Ability to demonstrate extensive knowledge required to perform the job one day one or following the completion of training.

Attendance & Punctuality

Rarely absent; on time for work on a daily basis.

Quality of Work

Your work is always accurate and thorough and does not need revisions or involvement of supervisors.

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